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IT Projects with
Top Specialists

We specialize in helping businesses build or scale their IT teams with talented specialists from Eastern Europe, the Baltic states, the Balkans and CIS countries.  


Our customer-oriented approach has earned us a growing client base who trust our services time and again.

Areas of IT Consultants

At Bonapolia, we offer a wide range of IT specialists to suit all your needs and requirements. Contact us today to find out how we can help you scale your IT teams.


Software Development

Our software development engineers are experienced in building scalable and secure applications tailored to your business needs.


Cloud & DevOps

Our DevOps experts specialize in streamlining your software development process and ensuring the seamless deployment of your applications.


Mobile Applications

Our Mobile App Developers create and develop beautiful mobile apps that are engaging, interactive, and user friendly.


AI & Data Science

Our data science engineers are well-versed in analyzing data and extracting insights to help businesses make informed decisions.


Business & System Analytics

Our business & system analytics professionals provide insights on your business performance and helps you make data-driven decisions.


QA & Testing

Our quality assurance consultants ensure that your applications are thoroughly tested and meet the highest standards of quality.

Our Service Models

Bonapolia has the knowledge, experience and commitment to serve all our clientele. We have various service models to choose so that both sides are happy and thriving.

Dedicated Teams

Through meticulous recruitment and selection processes, we handpick individuals who demonstrate not only technical prowess but also a strong cultural fit. This ensures that the assembled teams excel in delivering on project objectives and seamlessly integrate into the organization. 

Team Augmentation

When it comes to expanding your team, the primary focus often lies in the speed of onboarding talent equipped with the necessary stack, adept soft skills, and proficient English.  At BONAPOLIA, we are dedicated to augmenting top-tier developers precisely tailored to meet your requirements.

Tailored Recruitment

Whether your project requires the expertise of a single developer or the collaborative efforts of an entire team, we are dedicated to working closely with you to craft a tailored recruitment plan that perfectly aligns with your specific needs and budgetary considerations. 

The Story of Bonapolia

Happy Together

The success of Bonapolia is intrinsically tied to the happiness and success of our team members. By prioritizing their well-being, growth, and fulfillment, we create a positive and thriving work environment that fosters excellence and ultimately leads to the accomplishment of our collective goals.

Here Is Why Companies Choose Bonapolia

Exceptional Talent Quality

We've built a strong network of IT professionals across Eastern Europe, the Baltic states, the Balkans, and CIS countries. Our emphasis on talent from developing economies reflects our confidence in their exceptional quality and potential. 

Unmatched Flexibility

We're dedicated to unmatched flexibility in our service model. Whether you need dedicated teams, project-based engagement, or a blend of both, we tailor solutions to align perfectly with your objectives, timeline, and budget.

Fast turnaround

At Bonapolia, we prioritize timely project delivery with unwavering commitment to fast turnaround times. We strike a balance between speed and quality through rigorous recruitment, ensuring excellence without compromise.

Cost efficiency

We offer cost-effective and efficient service models, freeing you to focus on business growth. Our dedicated team manages all administrative tasks, reducing overhead costs and mitigating compliance risks.

“We were pleased with their timeliness, responsiveness, and consistent communication."

Vendor Relations Manager,

Outsourcing Services Company

How We Structure Our Work



Our process begins with gathering insights into the client's project and objectives. This includes clarifying technical skills, domain expertise, certifications, budget frames, composition of the team, and any specific qualifications or experience required. By gathering comprehensive information initially we can provide the most relevant and suitable consultants. 


Matching profiles

Following a thorough analysis, our team assesses every candidate's profile, considering technical expertise, soft skills, cultural alignment, and overall suitability for the role. Once the interviewing process is completed, we provide the client with curated CVs along with our insights, comments, and suggestions.


Interviewing a short-list

By facilitating the interviewing process and providing support at every step, we empower our clients to thoroughly evaluate each candidate and make well-informed decisions about their potential team members. We aim to ensure that the candidates selected meet the role's technical requirements and align with the client's culture and values.  


Onboarding the best

Once a candidate is selected, our support doesn't stop here. We understand that the success of any team begins with a seamless onboarding experience. That's why we assist at every necessary step to ensure the onboarding is done smoothly and in a timely manner.

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