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IT Staff Augmentation

When it comes to finding new resources for a project, the question that matters is how fast you get talents with the required stack, soft skills, and good English. If this sounds familiar to you, you've come to the right place. At BONAPOLIA, we strive to source the best developers to match your needs.

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  • How fast can we source a suitable candidate ?
    It usually takes up to six weeks to find a candidate. It varies on a stack, seniority and job requirements. We strive to present CVs within a couple of weeks.
  • How do we structure our work?
    It all starts with gathering information about a project descriptioin, role responsibilities, budget frames, corporate culture, project team, etc. This phase may require a meeting with all stakeholders involved into a project. The more information we can get at this stage, the faster and more relevant developers can be selected. The next step is to submit CVs with our comments and suggestions for a candidate fit for a job. You interview short-listed candidates and evaluate stack, English proficiency, a cultural fit, etc. Once selected, we assist in the onboarding process to make sure it is done smoothly and in a timely manner.
  • What does a selection process look like?
    We use a scientific approach when it comes to screening out candidates. We use psychometric assessments to measure cognitive abilities, behavioral traits and occupational interests to match candidates to the job profile. We also assess English level proficiency as this plays an important role in communication with project teammates. We also test technology skills and Computer Science knowledge to make sure a candidate can perform at his best while providing services for you.
  • Do we do background checks?
    Yes, we do. It depends on the requirements of the job. We check previous working experience, education, financial checks, and other aspects depending on the profile requirements.
  • What is an average hourly rate for a developer?
    It varies. Depending on seniority or technlogy the hourly rate can start from 28 USD.
  • Can you recruit IT professionals for direct hire?
    Yes, we can. Contact us and wil be happy to assist you with your needs.
  • Can we directly employ your employees?
    You can do so. We can negotiate the terms and conditions as well as and fee we will charge you for the transfer of the employee as an employee BONAPOLIA to an employee of your organization.
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