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Machine Learning Engineer


Locations: excl. Belarus, Russia.

Job Type

Full Time



About the Customer

The Customer provides business data enrichment with unprecedented coverage of private companies, accurate classification and in-depth insights based on real-time updates, for procurement, insurance, market intelligence and more.

About the Project

We are looking for an experienced ML Engineer to join our team of professionals! You will craft custom ML-based solutions, focused on NLP and text processing, then fit them on TBs of data. You will work with cutting-edge architectures and techniques, then deploy your models in a massively parallel Big Data environment. You will be required to make domain-specific, data-oriented decisions, based on a vast and complete world-view.


  • Develop new, novel algorithms and techniques for extracting and analyzing (very!) large and complex sets of data

  • Gather and build appropriate training datasets to create and improve models

  • Train and evaluate your model in a massive parallel environment

  • Own your ML models end-to-end, from collecting training data to deployment and monitoring in production

  • Optimize your ML solutions for the production environment

  • Improve NER extraction and text classification algorithms

  • Perform statistical analysis of the real-world results of your models

  • Prototype quickly to solve thorny use cases, without getting stuck in theory, as we're prone to shipping early and often

  • Write well-designed, testable, efficient code

  • Identify areas of opportunity and improvement


  • Previous experience improving datasets through heuristics, training and optimally deploying your models

  • Proficiency with Python, as well as MySQL or any relational database

  • Background in ML frameworks, libraries, data structures, data modeling and software architecture

  • Knowledge of advanced math and statistical concepts and techniques

  • High speed and uncompromising quality in your work

  • A growth mindset, able to capitalize on unprecedented contexts through your skills and abilities

  • An appetite to grapple with a variety of technical challenges

  • The ability to quickly and effectively evaluate technical tradeoffs and translate them into relevant scenarios

  • Consistent performance over time coordinated with a matching set of values

Nice to Have:

  • Previous experience with an NLP framework (Transformers, SpaCy) and ML framework (PyTorch, Sklearn, Tensorflow)f SQL

English level:

  • Intermediate+

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